About Us


Experienced Breeders

Here at Stonedragon Ranch we aim to produce versatile Partners and companions from quality stock. We are just really getting going as a family Ranch, but I have personally worked under and in association with many breeders in the past. I've acquired many years of experience in learning and continue to learn all that is needed about choosing good breeding stock, handling stallions, and teaching foals the basics to prepare them for the world ahead. We hope to bring our buyers the best experience in finding their next partner, whether it be a Fell Pony, Quarter Horse, or Sport cross.


A Happy, Healthy Bloodline

All of our equine breeding stock are carefully chosen from quality stock, and tested for any known health issues that might exist in each individual's breed. All breeding stallions from Stonedragon Ranch are required to be negative for any genetic diseases, have quality bloodlines, and have quality conformation before being deemed 'Breed-able' by our standards. 


Willing Partners

Our equines are each individually evaluated for temperament. We only breed forward quiet minded animals as we only want to produce the most willing partners for you in competition, on the trail, or in everyday life with you and your family.

Contact Us

Reserve Your Next Ranch Visit!

Our animals and their health and security are our main priority so ranch visits are by appointment only. If you would like to reach out to reserve your next visit or to ask any questions regarding any of the animals here, please do not hesitate.  We love hearing from you!